Friday, 17 April 2015

Nobody new this year

So the girlfriend and I made a deal at the beginning of the year: Nobody new this year. Basically, this meant that since I'm already so stretched in the cutlery department, it would be unwise for me to add any new romances to my timetable. So, ok. Since Kenny of the Glitter Girls is not available, I'm good with this plan.

Also, I don't really have much time to go out other than on dates with my loves, so it seems unlikely I'm going to meet anyone new. Despite the fact that I'm apparently constitutionally unable to go to a bar and *not* pick up someone cute or interesting. I have so many random phone numbers in my phone I am practically a walking little black book. Anyway, I digress...

This rule does not extend to my loves, obviously. As we know, Boyfriend #1 has a recently New Girlfriend, and that's going slowly but well. Boyfriend #2 also has a new girlfriend. She lives in another city so it's a bit long-distance. And I have some issues around that because he sucked at long-distance when I met him but now it seems fine. Then again, I've seen a photo of her and she's cute enough to make some long-distance effort for.

So I gained a metamor, lost a metamor and gained another new metamor. All in the space of the last few months. Oh, and perhaps I should mention that all the other girlfriends are at least ten years younger than me. More, actually. And oh the fun my tricksy brain is having with telling me I'm too old and boring and chubby to 'compete' with these lovely young things. Jealousy is a sneaky sneaky bastard. I tell it that I know perfectly well I'm sexalicious and it reminds me that I'm still a little overweight. I tell it that I know I'm interesting and mature and an awesome girlfriend (most of the time) and it points out how I'm not that great at doing the cooking and maybe the boy(s) would like someone a little less, well, loud, around. I tell it that I trust my loves when they tell me they love me and always will, and I'm going to tell them clearly what my needs are so that I feel loved and wanted and not insecure. Then it shuts up. For a bit.

Ain't no easy way around the jealousy toad. But with good communication and healthy metamor relations, you can stomp that guy pretty good.

Have a glorious weekend, everyone. Stay safe, wherever you are.

PS: Yes, I'm in the heartland of xenophobia at the moment, but I can't even talk about it because it just makes me too fucking sad.

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