Thursday, 11 December 2014


So this is a superquick post because it's late on a school night and a girl needs her sleep, but it's been a while since I've posted (busy season, and stuff... more on which when I have a moment, soon) and also something I need to say right now...

I hope you all have at least once in your lives had that feeling where you've been in love with or loved someone for some time and then, sometimes just out of the blue or sometimes because of things that are happening, you can actually feel yourself fall for them more. Like you're exploding suddenly with love for this amazing creature. I love those moments. And, here's the thing, my sweet and patient readers: I hit a triple plus. Boyfriend #1 and I are making some big decisions and having changes in our relationship. And, boy, am I surging with love for him. Girlfriend #1 and I are going to new places, together and in our own lives (which, because we are so much support and sounding board for each other, we also share in). And, boy, am I crazy for that incredible woman. Boyfriend #2 is going through a difficult time, but has shown love and care that I am feeling so good about. And, boy, do I love that strange and marvellous man. And, actually, girlfriend #2 is making me so proud - she's dealing with a difficult transition period into a new job while her primary partner is away over the festive season, and she's so on top of her shit. I haven't seen her in quite a while, and I miss her. So call it a quadruple.

So yeah, this post is just all about how much I freakin' love these amazing, interesting, beautiful, challenging people that I've chosen to have in my life. I'm past the eyeballs with lovelylovelovey feelings here, and it's awesome.

Back soon with posts that are less full of unicornfairycandyfloss. G'night.

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